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From the very first meeting, we provide our Tallmadge clients with a thorough analysis of their potential legal issues and take the time to tailor a legal strategy based on their specific needs and desires. Additionally, we make sure to keep our clients in the loop throughout the entire process, so they are comfortable every step of the way.

Tallmadge was founded in 1807 by the Reverend David Bacon as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. It was Bacon who laid out the picturesque Tallmadge Circle based on the New England design of the day. Today, the Circle is still the central focal point of this community of over 17,500 people. The city blends early American heritage with its present day mid-western hospitality.

One of the most recognized mapped shapes in all of northeast Ohio is the landmark configuration of the Tallmadge Circle. Its landmark features are so readily recognized by even the untrained eye that it becomes a point of reference, orientation and focus.

If you are in the following zip code, give us a call, we would love to hear from you! 




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