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Give yourself peace of mind by planning for your future. Planning for your and your family’s future is one of the most important steps you can take. At Herrnstein Law, located just minutes north of Akron in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, we represent clients with all of their estate planning needs. Our estate planning, trust, and probate practice can provide you with a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your individual needs. A quality estate plan requires that you arrange your assets, both before and after your death, in a manner designed to maximize your goals. Your estate plan should consider various contingencies and seek to minimize taxes. There are a wide range of options available that require careful planning to maximize the benefits.




You worked hard to earn your assets. Herrnstein Law understands that protecting your wealth is important. Herrnstein Law prepares and revises estate planning documents and proposals for your consideration. We craft your estate plan after meeting with you to determine your specific objectives. Your personal circumstances may include family members who have special needs, second marriages, blended families, unsophisticated or irresponsible beneficiaries, each of which require careful attention. Herrnstein Law has the experience to develop and implement a personalized estate plan that meets your specific needs. In addition to preparing Wills, Living Wills, Financial Powers of Attorneys, Health Care Powers of Attorneys, and several types of deeds and affidavits, we can help set up the appropriate type of Trust for you. Whether it is a simple trust, charitable trust, complex family trust, trust for the mentally challenged, special needs trust, or tax avoidance trust, we work directly with you to ensure that your goals are met.

Remember, if you don’t make provisions for your heirs, the state will do it for you and your wishes may not be fulfilled.


When properly used, Wills and Trusts are a great estate planning tool. They make provisions for your benefit during your lifetime while ensuring that your hard-earned assets are distributed in the manner you desire upon your passing. We prepare your Wills and Trusts based on your wishes, family situation, and assets. The right type of Trust will avoid the probate process, provide for minor children or beneficiaries with special needs, protect government benefits, provide for charitable gifts, and/or eliminate or reduce estate taxes. The experienced attorneys at Herrnstein Law can prepare the right type of Will or Trust for you.


Regardless of whether you need help with your financial matters or health care decisions now, or may need help at a later date, there are several types of Powers of Attorneys and Living Wills that may be right for you. We draft Powers of Attorney that take effect immediately, that take effect at a future date, or that do not take effect until such time as you are unable to handle these matters yourself. Properly prepared Powers of Attorneys and Living Wills help ensure that your financial matters and health care decisions are handled in the manner that you desire and do not go unattended.


If you own a house or other real estate that you want to leave to a loved one as quickly and efficiently as possible upon your passing, then there are several types of deeds and affidavits that may be the answer. These documents avoid the probate process and save time and money.

Herrnstein Law has the experience to develop and implement a personalized plan that meets your needs.


Herrnstein Law has the experience to handle the administration of your loved one’s estate. Probate is a court-supervised process that administers the estate of a deceased person. It resolves the claims against the decedent and distributes the decedent's property under a Will or Ohio law.

The probate process is designed to;

  • Protect the instructions of the deceased

  • Confirms an executor or administrator as the personal representative of the decedent's estate

  • Protect the interest of heirs and creditors of the estate; and

  • Provide third persons with the necessary legal assurances relative to dealing with the decedent's property.

Under Ohio law, the probate of an estate is generally necessary when an individual passes away leaving assets that do not pass by a beneficiary designation, joint tenancy, or was not held in trust. Herrnstein Law has assisted in the administrations of estates in Summit, Portage, and Medina County, Ohio and beyond for three decades.


Occasionally, a beneficiary believes that an executor or trustee has mishandled the administration of an estate. The attorneys at Herrnstein Law have represented trustees, executors, administrators, and beneficiaries in these matters and provided them with a range of litigation and fiduciary-related services.


These matters include;

  • Contested wills and trusts

  • Contested accounting

  • Concealment or theft of assets

  • Trust interpretation

  • Improper pre-death gifts and transfers

  • Undue influence claims

  • Estate representation

  • Estate and gift tax disputes (federal and state)

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